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Kontak Kami

 Four Seasons

You came to me like four seasons.

You and me.

Exchanging memories like the masterpiece of Vivaldi.

From 77 beats per minute to 162 beats.

Step by step.

365 days.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Hot, warm, cold, until it’s too cold.

Tears, laughs, anger.





Don’t smile.

Your smile defines warmth.

I’m afraid if I stay too long, I might get lost.

Flowery scent, with the gleam of your glance.

No girl, look down.


The days are longer, maybe this is the reason I see you too often.

Oh, this isn’t good.

Avoiding? No! Stop. I’m not denying.

He might be pollen, look beautiful in flowers but get harmful sometimes.

96 beats per minute, quite normal.

I don’t know but maybe this is when it’s all start.

Since it’s spring, I hate the fact you look awfully charming.




Now things are getting interesting, thrilling, exciting.

I lost myself in your warmth.

Maybe we shouldn’t know each other, should we?

The time I finally ask what’s your name, 148 beats per minute.

This is crazy, heart, get a grip of yourself!

Those crappy chats cramming in my lonely nights.

Into my dreams in those sweaty sleeps.

This is too rushed, too fast.

If I can’t control myself, I’ll get burnt.

Summer needs to pass real fast.

Before it gets too exciting and I get burnt by the joy.




Autumn, fall.

Yes, I’m falling for you and I admit that.

Letting go of my greed and pride.

Autumnal equinox, day and night are of equal length, just like us.

Not too rushed and thrilling, just right.

Caramel apple and pumpkin spice define you, sweet, addicting.

The color of me just changes like those falling leaves.

Bringing me into adulthood, maturity.

100 beats per minute, still in love, but balanced.

I don’t know about you, but I want it to stay forever.

The sweetness of autumn, and falling for you.




You are getting cold, what happened?

Those chilly nights are back.


No more beeping sounds from my cracked phone.

Is it me? My fault?

Not even the sweetness of hot chocolate and marshmallows can replace your warmth.

Girl, get a grip. This might not the end.

Look outside, snow, beautiful isn’t it? Calm down.

The falling snow brings me to 70 beats per minutes.

I’m not losing you, or maybe I lost you, I just don’t care.

No, I still love him, but I’m embracing myself.

Prepared for the lost, prepared for you to come back.

I’ll still be fine whatever it is.

Don’t see winter as death, loneliness, mourns.

It’s silence, calmness, lights, love.



Your presence brings four seasons to me.

Graciousness, brought into words.

Thank you for coming, thank you for staying.

See you in another season.




Written by: Arinie

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